Kit list largely finalised!

Kask Mojito Helmet*
Oakley Halfjacket sunglasses
Castelli Seamless Short Sleeve Summer Base Layer
Kalas Cambridge CCC Race Suit*
Castelli Nanoflex Water Resistant Arm Warmers
Castelli Nanoflex Water Resistant Leg Warmers
Castelli Diluvio Deluxe Glove*
Castelli Free 9 Sock
Castello S. Rosso Corsa Gloves
Castelli Sottile Due Waterproof Jacket*
Rab Microlight Vest*
Sidi wire Carbon Vernice Cycling Shoes*

I’ve decided to go fairly minimalist, just wearing a race suit most days. If it gets too cold I’ll add the leg/arm warmers and the gilet if necessary. Oakley have also very kindly offered me a discount on their sunglasses so I’ll be using them. It’s a big decision for me not to take spare clothes of any sort for obvious reasons, but hopefully the gains in weight and space will be worth it.

Thermarest NeoAir XLite*
Rab Silk Sleeping bag liner*

Silk sleeping bag liner went to Open Air and asked about sleeping bags/mats, and they said that to reduce weight I should either lose the sleeping mat and just take a bag, or to use a mat and sleeping bag inner liner. The small gilet I’m taking for late night/early morning cycling should help keep me warm too, and I ended up going for the thermarest and liner. That’s saved me a massive amount of space, leaving about 9L for waterproofs, extra layers, spares, food, and water, as well as being cheaper than my original plan. 


Cannondale 2012 Synapse
Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium
Groupset: Dura-ace

Tyres: Schwalbe Conti 4 seasons 25c
Concor saddle
Vision clip-on TT bars

Portable charger
Topeak battery lights
Garmin 1000
Garmin 500 (reserve)

I'm planning on going down the battery route with everything rather than Dynamo, and am getting the Garmin 1000 based on previous good experiences with the 500 for the last two years. Although my budget might not allow that, and I’ll stick with the Garmin 500 and iPhone as a backup. I’m still struggling to find a battery solution, but since I have some extra space now I could take two extra USB batteries as well as one which is charged by AA batteries. This area is probably the greatest cause for concern, so I’ll be testing it further in future rides.

Bike accessories:
Two spare tubes
Puncture repair kit
Spare link or two
Bike pump
2 x 800ml SIS Water bottles