TCR 2016

So I found out, I got place on the Transcontinental Race 2016 -  cheers Mike and Anna!

Now I just need to begin to the training, equipment gathering and planning.

So for this year for extra motivation I am planning to Audax and have come up with a provisional calendar of events:

13th - Cycle back to uni 240km
31st - Windrush Winter Warm-up 100km

6th - Sam Weller's day trip to Wochma 200km
14th - Flapjack 100km
20th - Malmesbury Mash 200km
28th - The Primrose Path

12th - Gospel Pass 150km
19th - The Dean 300km

10th - The JB Run 110km
16th - Steam Ride: University Challenge 300km
23rd - Buckingham Blinder 400km
30th - Brevet Cymru 400km

7th - Old Roads 300km
15th The Great Escape 200km

4th - Asparagus & Strawberries 400km | 9 Countries 600km
5th - The London Ditchling Devil 200km
11th - Tan Hill 600km
25th - Offa's Dyke 600km

2nd - Kingdom of the East Saxons 400km
9th - The Buzzard 600km
16th - Dunwich Dynamo 400km